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I was invited to join a Secret Santa exchange and I needed a place to put my small wishlist, so I might as well blow the dust from this old journal here!

Dear Secret Santa! I don't have many OCs and even fewer drawings of them, that's why I'll stick to other things for my wishlist.

♥ I love norse mythology and everything that is related to it. I am especially fond of all mythology surrounding the valkyries, the Dís and the norns (so basically badass ladies with power, haha). There are plenty of myths to pick from and you would have free reign on design and interpretation. When there's something I love to see most, it's how people interpret old stories anew.

♥ Before I move on to possible fanart wishes, I'd also love to receive something fashion related. I enjoy seeing sartorial fashion on both men and women alike. A bustling city scene, a drink in a coffee shop or a walk at night on a pier with well dressed people is always a welcome sight to me. For fashion inspiration, here's one of my favourite fashion inspiration blogs:

♥ If it didn't shine through my first wish already, I love Norse myths, but I also fell prey to modern adaptions of them. Most recently of the comic book run "Journey into Mystery" written by Kieron Gillen featuring a new kind of Loki, reborn in the body of a teenager. While I recommend the comic for anybody to read, it's quite a lot and not necessary. A picture of the kid Loki and his evil alter ego Ikol (a magpie) and his friend Leah would be lovely though. Loki and Leah are what can only be considered BFFs and a friendship scene between them is always wonderful to see. References for all three:  Loki and Leah……  Ikol and Loki… Leah…

♥ The second fanart idea would be of Astrid and Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon. Here I don't mind it if it's either shippy fanart between the two or a simple friendship scene in which they spend time together or work together. References for both are here: Astrid… and Hiccup… and with his dragon Toothless…

I hope this isn't a super weird wishlist and that you find something enjoyable for you to work on! Because what really matters is that it's as much fun for you as it might be for me later on :)!
Thank you for being my Secret Santa and putting up with me!

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Hello, maby you don't remember me but we met at Dokomi and I bought some prints from you together with my friend. I just wanted to say that I'm glad I bought them and gave them a special place on my wall. Hope you keep on making beautifull art :)
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